Monday, June 6, 2011

Come on over!

Tonight, I am thinking about the significance of relationships that have been nurtured and developed in our home over the past year. I'll tell you the truth, if Shawnah had it her way, we would have guests in our home seven days a week. For me, yikes! There are times I am not quite as hospitable as my wonderful wife. One year ago we started meeting in our home on Sunday night with a few friends to pray together about starting a new church. That Sunday night group turned into a Bible study in our home. That Bible study group turned into a house church. On February 20, 2011 that house church started meeting on Sunday mornings for worship at Rock Springs Elementary School. What a year!

Here is the truth. My family and their willingness to share themselves and their home helped make this possible. I have taken a moment to do some calculations. Just counting Sunday nights and Wednesday nights (when the youth meet in our home), there have conservatively been 1920 visits by as best I can calculate 200+ different people in one year. But wait...there's more! That is just Sunday and Wednesday. That does not include all of the people who have walked through our doors on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week. No wonder the latch on our front door keeps breaking and our carpet looks so dirty all the time:) You might think its a little funny that right now as I write this post there are 6 college kids our living room watching the movie Tangled!

Why am I thinking about all of this? I don't know. I guess I am just processing the importance of relationships. We need each other. The older we get, the less we do this. It seems ok to just drop in on someone when you are young, but at some point as we get older, we stop doing that.

What would happen if we all practiced the gift of hospitality? What would happen if I invited all my neighbors over (the ones I don't really know) for dinner one night this week? Would they come? Would they think we are weird? Truth is, they probably already think we are crazy because of all the cars parked in front of our house all the time. But I won't know until I do it!

Some of my neighbors are lost. How much do I have to hate someone not to tell them about Jesus Christ? Heaven and Hell are real and eternal. My mission field begins in my neighborhood. People of all nations live in my community and my subdivision.

Here is the hard question. Will those precious people become a guest in our home anytime soon? The initiative for that to happen begins with me and my passion to reach out with the amazing message of hope and grace found in Jesus Christ. Let's do this!