Sunday, March 6, 2011

Non-stop weekend...but all good!

What a weekend!
Friday - stuffed 1500 packets for youth sponsors bringing students to YEC! (thanks to some great co-workers for helping) A late afternoon trip to Brantley Sound to pick up equipment for Hope Fellowship. Then, off to Rock Springs Elementary to put up banners Friday night before the rains came. Supper with the entire family at Cracker Barrel (a great time - just family)

Saturday morning sermon review and prep for speaking engagement at Wilhite Baptist in Cookeville, TN. I was invited to speak at a Father/Daughter banquet. Pastor Tim Miles did a great job making this event happen. Molly went with me as my date and honestly, we had a great time! Also had a blast making some new friends at Wilhite. I had never been to a Father/Daughter banquet. It really was awesome. Then back to the casa Saturday night. Some late night work still trying to figure out Media Shout. Jared is much better with it than I am! One more overview of Sunday sermon then hit the sack.

Sunday morning alarm set for 6:00 a.m. - hit snooze once. Got up at 6:10 so we could be at Rock Springs by 7:00 to set up. Today was our first Sunday to do the entire set up on Sunday morning. Our first two weeks we were given permission to set up on Saturday night. The pressure was on! All went well - everything set up in time - sound checks and all! We are so blessed that God is providing people already to serve behind the scenes and make Hope Fellowship happen each week. Worship today was pretty amazing. Loved having Patrick and Lindsey Edwards, Jonathan Brindle, and Kristina Birkhead share testimonies about their mission work in Brazil, Europe, and Haiti. Wow! I am blown away at the faith and obedience of these young servants. We had a great crowd today for week three! Kinda funny that no one counted. All I know is that the chairs set up were 80 - 90% filled and we also had 10 babies/toddlers in the preschool today! God continues to prove Himself faithful and His timing is such a huge part of what we are experiencing at Hope Fellowship Church. After we packed up, we then headed straight to Covenant Baptist for a 1:30 video shoot. We are taping testimonies of students to use at YEC next weekend! I'm pretty excited about how these are going to turn out! Nic (our video man) is the same guy that does video for Passion/Catalyst/etc. How about that for a name drop:)
After video shoot, back to the house. Took a nap! AWESOME! Then got up, went to grocery store, came home, started cooking bacon and pancakes for our kids and some of their friends! Played signs, killer, and mafia with these hooligans. Pretty fun.

Obviously, life is busy right now. But the truth is, I really sense that our entire family is 100% doing what God has called us to do. It is a sweet time. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze frame where we are right now. Not sure if that will make sense to anyone? I want to give glory and honor to Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord. It is His provision, His grace, His sacrifice, and His power that guides me each day. As my family and I start another week (YEC week) my prayer is that we will all stay focused on Christ alone.

Keep praying for us and let me know how I can pray for you!

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Nancy Hamilton said...

love seeing how god is using you after praying for you all these years!!! love you guys!