Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cars, Motorcycles, and Jonas

Jared made it home! We sold his car so that he could buy a newer, nicer car....but....he bought a motorcycle! My prayer life is much more active! He got enrolled and starts college next week!

Maci got her first car today! We got a GREAT deal on a Acura Legend! It's pretty sweet! I'd love to have it! We totally give God the glory for it. We prayed that we would find something in our price range that was a "good" car. This car should have been much more expensive. It was bought new by an older couple who only drove about 6,000 miles a year! Wow!

Maci and Molly got to meet Nick Jonas yesterday! We were looking at a car at Belmont, and heard they were eating breakfast somewhere. So, we went to eat lunch at the Pancake Pantry! There he was! Pretty cool. Then they went to the concert last night. Fun for them.

Sarah got enrolled in her new school and seems to really like her teacher and classmates. Her next court date is Sept. 2nd. Pray that we will know more about where she will live by then.

Kent and I are praying about our next step in ministry. We're not sure which road God is leading us down. Believing that His sheep hear His voice and follow, we are trying to be still and listen. I continue to be reminded through all that is happening in our life, that God uses us in many ways. It's not always in an assigned roll. If we just open our eyes and look, we can see the opportunities to serve others. The question I too often ask myself is "Do I want to serve?" Sometimes I just want to go into comfort mode. Relax and focus on what is easy. During those times, when I'm trying to focus more on myself and MY needs, I often begin to feel WORSE about myself. The more we look inward for wholeness, the more we see the inward holes! We need Jesus. We need to be joining Him in order to feel complete. Well, I guess I'm rambling. Just preaching to myself again. I have to remind myself of these things often. Thanks sweet friends for the encouragement over the last few months.

That's the Shingletons! Tell me about you! What's going on in your world?