Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We might be adopting!!

Okay, I knew that would get you to read this!!! I've gotten so bad about posting over the holidays, that I think you have quit reading my blog! But...we're not adopting a baby (although I would in a heartbeat if Kent wanted to), we ARE looking into adopting a puppy! Molly has wanted a puppy for about 2 years. Yes, we have Pogo and LOVE him, but Molly wants a baby to take care of and raise. Since Cayden and Deacon moved, she hasn't been able to use her nurturing skills very much. Her birthday is this Friday, so we'll see...

Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Things

I've been tagged. Not sure how to do this, but here goes.

Are these things that people don't know about me or things that everyone knows? I'm so transparent, everyone knows everything about me if they know me!

1. I never knew that I would be sooooo much in love with my husband almost 20 years after our wedding!
2. I have an amazing son, who is graduating in May. His relationship with Christ, makes me want to get closer to Him as well!
3. I have an incredible daughter who just turned 16. She faces challenges in a way that encourages me to believe that I too, can do anything!
4. I have a precious daughter who is almost 14. She teaches me, daily, to laugh at myself and never get too serious that I miss out on the joys of life!
5. I never expected to love Donelson View Baptist Church, the way that I do!
6. I am now a life coach!
7. I have a fashion merchandising degree, but don't like spending money on my clothes!
8. I love teaching my kids! I love to see their expression when they figure out something that was really tough!
9. I love tutoring other kids.
10. I just love kids!
11. I have the greatest friends in the world. I feel that my best friends from OK, AR, and TN will be my best friends forever! Just because I move, they are still soooo close to my heart.
12. I love people. I love finding out about their lives and what makes them tick!
`3. I miss the Iveys! I can cry at any given moment when I think of not getting to see them very much!
14. I love when other people tell me how great my kids are or how great my husband is. (that's not bragging is it?)
15. I love the beach! Sure Hawaii would be great, but Gulf Shores or Orange Beach works for me!16. My parents live wayyyy too far away! OKLAHOMA! I get to see them about 4 times a year, but it's never enough.
17. I talk to my mom several times a day. My dad calls to ask if I know where she is. I know if she's at the grocery store or nail shop. He doesn't!
18. I love planting flowers and gardening, but hate pulling weeds.
19. I love watching Jared drum and my girls play volleyball.
20. I love reading, especially in the summer.
21. I love the times that I am in that place of "abiding" in the Lord. It is when I am focusing on ONLY Him and His love for me! It is that "me time" that I feel most confident and at peace with who I am.
22. I love hearing my husband preach! I learn more from him than from anyone else. Maybe it's becasue I know that he relies on God so much for the words that he says. I believe God speaks through him to me.
23. I love being a mom to teenagers. Maybe you got that from #2, #3, and #4! It was so hard at first, but now I think I'm getting it down:) Sorry Jared, that it's taken me so long.
24. Although I love the beach, I LOVE skiing also. I wish I were skiing with Jared right now! LUCKY!
25. When people say, "Can you believe that she's a minister's wife?" about me, I wonder if that's a compliment or complaint!
I've been tagged to do this a million times, but haven't taken the time to do it, so here goes.

Time to relax!

Kent and I talked to Maci's teacher yesterday. I don't know if he will change anything, but at least I feel like he knows what the students are feeling now. We'll see. My sweet husband is so good with people. I sort of wanted to tell the teacher that he was totally confused on how to teach and on what his expectations were of the students. Kent kept it all warm and friendly. I didn't explode and the teacher really listened. I love having Kent with me in these moments. He keeps me balanced.

I almost had to drive Jared's car to pick up Maci!! Jared has gone snowboarding and they took my car. Kent is out of town. Soooo...J wanted me to go drive his car last night so that I could get used to it. I told him that I was NOT driving his car. I haven't driven a stick since I was 20. I drove my car to tutor today and then came home. Jared left on his trip. I had arranged for Molly to get a ride home. Then at 3:00 it hit me! I have to pick up Maci! I started thinking of all the hills between my house and Lancaster!! All the stop lights and intersections! Oh my gosh!! What if I roll into someone or stall in the middle of the light! Or worse, stall in the line in front of all Maci's teachers and friends. She will kill me! Just then Molly called and said that she would be home a little late because the people picking her up (the Lefevres) had to go by the dump!!!! The dump is not far from Maci's school!! Needless to say, I humbled myself and begged, well, they didn't make me beg, I just felt like I should. They said they would pick Maci up too! THANK YOU LEFEVRE FAMILY!

I'm so ready for the weekend! For several reasons this week has been draining. I'm ready to relax. Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Question. How many of you know what an annotated bibliography is? Did you have to do them on highschool history papers? Did your English teacher teach it first?? Did your highschool history teachers assign you a 4-6 page paper at the same time you were supposed to be working on a 7 page term paper? Oh, and none can be done in class. All homework. Just wondering.

Maci Rae is 16!!

I can't get these off!! I have to wait to get to Kent's computer when he gets home. I tried the other day and I couldn't connect with it and now my computer is so messed up that it won't even open a new window. Soooo......turn off you sound unless you're still wanting a little Christmas spirit with the snow outside and all!

Yes, my sweet Maci is 16! I can't believe it. I am so proud of her. She hasn't got her license yet. She doesn't seem to prioritize getting her permit, which works for us! No license, no need for a car! Hopefully she will get on that soon. Although I don't know if any of us REALLY want her on the road :)
She is such a good girl with a true love for the Lord. She is funny, kind, encouraging, and merciful. I love the time we spend together. I love the relationship that she has with Molly. They are like best friends. I always thought I would have liked to have had a sister. The relationship they have is exactly what I would have wanted. What a joy to be given the privilege to be her mom!

I hope you had a chance to look at the Ivey families blog or Aaron's blog. (They're on my sidebar). I am so humbled to see what their family does for the glory of the kingdom. They have taken in a little girl from Haiti, who has spina bifida (sp), and are hosting her while she had surgery and is now recovering. Jamie spent 7 LONG days in the hospital with her, making decisions out of love for a child that is not her own. WOW! I can't say enough about how proud of them that I am (I feel like I'm the (much) older sister). I met Jamie when she was pregnant with Cayden. It is nothing short of amazing to watch a young couple, who follows Christ so faithfully, allow God to shape their lives and see His blessings over them.

I can't believe that Cayden is 5! The first time we kept him he was 7 months old. Aaron and Jamie had gone to Chicago for a long weekend. My front room was completely full with all the stuff they brought for me to take care of him. Johnny Jumper, stroller, CD player with lullaby tapes, monitor, suitcases with clothes, suitcase with bottles and formula and food. And....the pages of instructions. Although I tried to follow them closely, Kent did let him have his first taste of Dr. Pepper. I'm so sorry Jamie! I think it was later that he gave him his first ice cream?? Or was it on that visit. Not sure. I still treasure the times we had keeping Cayden and Deacon. We miss them so much now that they are in Austin.

Well, that is a little bit of an update. Hope your January is going great! Stay warm!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

so much to say, so little time!

I must first say that Maci Rae put the heading on this picture! lol! She cracks me up-always!

I promise to get back to this! At least I got my background changed!! Woo hoo!

I'd love to talk about Fedna, so please go to "The Ivey Family" blog on my list to see all about her.

I'd love to talk about my excitement over becoming a "Life Coach".

I'd love to talk about my sweet Maci turning 16!!!!!

I'd love to talk about Big Boy Cayden turning 5! (unbelievable).

But...I"ll have to get back to you on all of it!!

Tonight is Maci's party and I've got to clean house! My husband also wants something clean to wear...

Lot's to do, I promise to get back soon! Here's a few pictures in the mean time :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Returns and Exchanges

Off to make the exchanges for Christmas presents that didn't fit or maybe another color would be nice. My mom got me a great warm-up suit to wear on those cold winter days when I'm staying home to sit by the fire and eat bon bons (ya, right)...Kent said I look like a lima bean. I'm going to find another color. I actually LOVE having things to exchange. It gives me the chance to pick out exactly what I would want without spending the money. This time it's a warm-up suit in a different color! My family knows what I like, so it doesn't happen very often. Do you think that is being ungrateful? Should I keep it and wear it anyway, like when Kent is out of town!!?? How did your Christmas presents work out?