Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oklahoma State football and Wii

This is what a happy husband looks like!! Kent is watching our alma mater, the OSU Cowboys, play in the Holiday Bowl. Oklahoma State is winning! My brother got us a party package with this OSU flag. No work and football....what more could a guy want?
My parents got our family a Wii for Christmas this year! We are all a little sore from playing it non-stop since we got home! Our shoulders and right arms are hurting from playing tennis and bowling. We haven't even hooked up the Wii Fit yet. We're really going to get in shape ;)

JarBear is 18!!

I'm always running a little behind, but I finally got to Kent's computer so I could do a little blog about my sweet son's birthday. It was yesterday, 18! I can't believe it! He grew up so fast! We have a video of the room just after he was born. We had forgotten to turn the camera off on the tripod. Kent was praying over Jared. He asked God to help us guide him to love the Lord and that Jared would one day be used by God for His Kingdom and His glory. God has answered all of our prayers. Jared loves His Lord. I see God working through him almost daily. Since Jared was really young, he has had a heart for hurting people. He sees people in ways that others usually don't. I believe he sees them through God's eyes. Yes, he fights with his sisters, and yes, he talks back to me sometimes, but...he is more than I ever could have hoped for or dreamed of in a son. Happy 18th JarBear. You'll always be my baby boy, but you are an amazing Man of God. I love you.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home for the Holidays!

Well, we're home from going "home". We went to OKC for Christmas. It was great spending time with all of my family and Kent's family. We seem to stay sooooo busy when we are there and we don't get to see all of our friends like we would like to. There are so many people I was wanting to see and didn't.

I always meet some of my friends from highschool at Mazzio's Pizza on Christmas Eve. We meet at noon and it's just a set date every year. Whoever can come, does. This year there were four of us plus a few parents, husbands, and kids of ours. SO FUN! One year Paige and I were the only ones to show up and one year I think we had about 10! I think Paige and I have been going every year for about 10 years now. I forgot my camera, so as soon as Paige or Toni send me pictures, I'll post them. (hint, hint).

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! I'm so blessed to have my hubby home for one more week!! YEA!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jonas Brothers tickets!!

OMG! Front row to the Jonas Brothers at the Ryman on Jan. 4th!!!
JB's sent out a bulletin today announcing a Nashville concert. Tickets went on sale at 3:00. We went to the Ryman and were 8th in line! Ticket sales at the box office opened up about 5 minutes before Ticket Master. FRONT ROW!! Needless to say, the girls started screaming! I haven't told them that I'm secretly selling them and using the money to get Botox for me!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

T-shirts for Brazil!

Here's some pictures from Jared's last trip to Brazil. He is hoping to go back on spring break this year. In order to raise money for the trip, he is selling t-shirts. The last picture is of Molly wearing the t-shirt. It would make GREAT Christmas gifts! The shirts are $20 or $35 for 2. WE ship for free!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hey check out Maci's new blog. Macishingleton.wordpress.com
Not, because she says great things about me (hehe) but because she has some great pictures!

New Orleans!

Kent and I took a little vacation, well Kent was in meetings and I took a little vacation, to New Orleans this past week. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Well, we checked out the French Quarter. No comment.I am afraid to weigh after eating beignets 3 different times over 3 days!
Kent gained 4 lbs!

It was great trip. NAMB has this meeting every year at about this time. It is a meeting for all of the student evangelism guys from all over the country. We love getting to see people from Hawaii, New England, California, etc., that Kent would never get to network with otherwise. The friendships we have developed are priceless. We ate a lot of yummy Cajun and Creole food. We took a romantic carriage ride through the French quarter and learned a lot of New Orleans history. We got to talk to many people and hear their hearts about Katrina's devastation. It was wonderful to spend time with my husband and it really got me in the Christmas spirit! I came home to 3 amazing teenagers, who I am so proud of, and cherished them even more.
What a great time of the year! We have the opportunity to share Jesus, like no other time. I hope you are sharing joy this season!