Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Senior Pictures!

Here are some of the pictures that Bush took of Jared. What's your favorite? I remember noticing this dimple in the hospital right after he was born!

I'd complain about the hat in SENIOR pictures, but when I look back at his pictures, he had some type of (dorky) hat on almost every baby and toddler picture! Who knows, maybe we'll think this one is dorky years from now.

He doesn't like this one as much (above), but I love it!

I like this one too!
Tell me what you think.
Make sure you go down and see the pictures from Maci's homecoming.

Baby August

Okay, I couldn't get this picture to download on my computer so I finally got Kent's computer tonight to post this. Our friends, Steven and Maris Bush were in town a few weeks ago after their baby was born in Nashville. Bush took Jared's senior pictures and we got to love on Baby August and have dinner with them. He is so sweet and beautiful! They moved to Austin in August so it was great to see them! August was 11 days old. So precious!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Late pictures!

Maci and Devin Lancaster. Sophomore attendents for LCA homecoming! She looked so beautiful!
Maci's volleyball team during the tournament! I LOVE watching volleyball, but I'm so ready for a break! Maci and Molly both played again this year! Both finished the season on Saturday.

Homecoming Court, 2008.

Not sure what Jared was looking for??? Molly obviously confused as well!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm here!

Okay, I have not totally given up on this blogger thing. Our computer has not been working very well. If I'm able to get on at all, I usually have to be quick before it freezes, so I don't take time to blog. We've also been SUPER busy. Volleyball has been consuming us with Maci and Molly. It's over in a week and a half!! Woo hoo! I'm sure I'll miss it within a few weeks. Also...Maci got sophomore attendent for homecoming. I'll post pictures after Friday.
We got to spend time with Maris and Bush on Sun. Bush took Jared's senior pictures and Maris and Baby August hung out with me and then we all ate dinner and spent the evening loving on August! He is such a sweetie. I thought I had pictures but Maci must have forgotten to download them for me. She has her camera now, so I'll do it later.
Another thing that has been consuming us is our hearts have been burdened for Riley Young and his family. Many of you read my blog when I talked about the sweet people in the church where Kent is interim pastor. Mr. Riley and his wife, Reba, have given us tomatoes all summer. We took Cayden and Deacon over to pick veggies and have truly fallen in love with them. Mr. Riley had a stroke 2 weeks ago and has been in a coma. He passed away yesterday. We are heartbroken. He and Mrs. Reba have been married for 52 years. She was 15 when they got married. I am hurting for her, her kids, and her grandkids. Please pray for all of the family. Riley was a special person. He took us in and made us feel so welcome and loved. I will miss him terribly. I can't believe how much he meant to me in just 4 and half short months. I would have loved to have had much longer getting to know him, but am honored to have known him for the time I did. Kent is preaching the funeral this Friday. Please pray for him as he is a softey.
I hope that catches you up on a little bit of our lives for the last month.