Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh, I forgot! Anyone with daughters 15 years old and down!! Did you have a Camp Rock party last night? Molly went to a friends house to watch it, and Maci had friends come over here! Joe Jonas isn't so great at acting, but he's definitely a cutie! This is Maci with three of her friends, Tabitha, Maci, Yolanda, and Bethany (taken at another time). I'll have to get a picture of Brittney and Emily to add. Maci had our house decorated like a camp and I bought stuff to make 'smores! It was fun. I love having parties for my kids and their friends. It can be an inconvenience, but knowing that they will have these memories is so worth it.

VW Camper!

Okay, Kent has brought home the VW Bus! Jared had found this a few years ago, and wanted to buy it. We tried to discourage it. Then, Kent decides to use one in his theme for the 40th anniversary YEC. Jared had already showed it to him, so Kent bought it and spray painted the 40 on it. Now he is using it for Super Summer. Jared is wanting to buy it after camp. Much to our neighbors dismay and mine, Kent brought it home for Jared to clean up on Wed. night. We woke up Thurs. morning and saw it looking like this in our driveway. We didn't even know the top popped up. We opened the back door and found Jared sleeping in it, we had seen Kyle's car, so we asked where he was? Jared said, "He's up in the loft." What? We stood on the front bumper and saw Kyle sleeping up on top! The thing is so dusty and moldy, but they love it! Crazy!

Please help us find a new house if we get kicked out of the neighborhood.

Have you ever done somthing that made your neighbors wish you lived somewhere else?? Tell me about it to make me feel better!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, is once a month a bad thing when it comes to blogging? Sorry, I was going to be so much better. The summer has already been busy! We have been to the pool (Brentwood Y) several times and been extras in the Hannah Montana movie! I applied for a job yesterday!! First time in 17 years! WOW! I'm sure the manager was impressed with my resume'! HA! I must say that I somehow talked myself into looking better than my resume' made me appear! Can you see me as a fine jewelery salesperson?? Jared (the store, not my son) is opening a new store in Murfreesburo. I had to do a peronality profile, that may totally knock me out of the running. hehe. I would LOVE to see the summary of my personality. Not sure if this job fits what I'm looking for or not yet. Kent's not excited about the every other weekend part. I'm praying about it. We'll see!

Kent is interim pastor at Donelson View Baptist Church. He is in his 3rd week. We are getting back into the routine of Sun. morning, Sun. night and Wed. night. It is such a sweet church. We are enjoying the relationships in a smaller church. I'm really excited to have met Riley and Reba, who have a great big garden and have given us some veggies already! That's the stuff I miss from a smaller church! We used to get deer meat in Crossett, but veggies work :) Why is it that I get so excited about things like that??

We have Super Summer (camp) coming up and then the girls and I are going to Oklahoma! We will attend a Jonas Brothers concert (my girls are obsessed!) and then go to visit my brother in Texas! Busy summer as always, but FUN!

What are you doing this summer?