Saturday, April 19, 2008

I want a "cool" blog!

Okay, my friend Christi said that her blog sucked! I realized that mine does too!! How do all of you people come up with all this stuff? Is your life that much "cooler" than mine? Am I that much more boring? Am I that much LESS creative? WHAT IS IT PEOPLE??? Okay, Jamie had to help me even figure out HOW to start a blog. THEN.....being "cool" and all, she went and changed to some other blog site, or is that the "cool" term. The coolly correct term? Okay, GWEN!!!! How do you have time to blog!!!! Did you not notice that you have FOUR KIDS!!! You coach, you work out like a maniac (or does everyone run while watching Freedom Writers while thinking of the teenagers of the world)! Okay, where do I get cute flowers and people that look like my family (Lauren Shingleton). I WANT TO BE COOL!! Where do I come up with all this stuff in my mind??? Do I have to read all these books by all of your hippy friends (Aaron) in order to have something COOL to say??? I GIVE UP! And no, I'm not being cynical, I love all of your blogs...just someone....tell me how to be cool again!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Kent told me I had to update, so I thought I would start with this great picture of Jared and Sarah, taken in Brazil. These are the twin girls that he asked us to pray for. So cute! I was hoping he would bring them home. Thanks for praying for him while he was gone. We had a busy weekend. Molly and Jared were involved with the middle school service project this past weekend. Jared was a highschool leader. Maci had her mom and dad to herself for the weekend. Kent and I led breakout sessions at a girls conference in Gatlinburg. Kent gets to do these things a lot, but I don't. I love it! I led my sessions on being the friend that God created you to be. Basically on discovering your spiritual giftedness and developing it to be used for His Kingdom. Kent's was on fear. He's so creative! Maci said he did a great job (as always). It was a great weekend for the whole Shingleton family! What are your plans for this weekend?