Sunday, March 23, 2008

He's Alive!

I was thinking today about this being the first time Jared has EVER been away from us on ANY holiday! I was thinking about it at lunch when Cayden looked at me and said, "Look, my egg is empty." I knew that he knew more. I asked, "What does that mean?" He yelled, "HE'S ALIVE!" and smiled really big. It hit me that while my kids were little, this is what I had wanted them to "get" out of Easter. I wanted them to truly understand what HE had done for us. Jared is not here this Easter because he is in Brazil telling others that HE IS ALIVE! Even through all of the egg coloring and Easter baskets, we celebrate that He is seated at the right hand of God, He is very much alive!

Thank you Jesus, for dying for my sins. Thank you Father, for taking Him up to heaven 3 days later and placing him on His throne at your right hand. Thank you Holy Spirit, for living through my children and teaching them the true meaning of Easter. May you be glorified this day!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Fun

Decorating eggs has never been so fun!

Saturday night before Easter! I'm thinking this was the first time for Cayden and Deacon.

Great fun!!!
We took the boys shirts off. We were a little worried about egg dye staining clothes. I realize now this looks pretty stupid. Sorry Aaron and Jamie!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sau Paulo, Brazil

We just got back from the airport. Jared is on his way back to Brazil. He fell in love with the people of Brazil and missions on our trip to Rio, last summer. He has had the opportunity to go to Sau Paulo this spring break. I'm already missing him! I know that he is exactly where God wants him to be though. He has a heart for evangelism. I am praying that many lives will be changed for eternity this week. Please pray this with me as well as for his safety. Today in the newspaper there was an article about a major outbreak of a disease that is carried by mosquitos(pronounced dun-gee) in Rio de Janeiro. I know he is not in Rio, but they also have this in Sau Paulo. Pray no one gets it. He is on antibiotics for an infection, so hopefully that will help. He is going to try to blog if he gets a chance. He will also be checking it at the airport. You can link to him from my blogroll or David McCaman is going to try to blog also. Leave him comments on his or leave comments for David to relate to him if you get a chance. Above all PRAY!! My baby boy is out of the country without me!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

un christian

Our small group is reading UnChristian by David Kinnaman. The book talks about how different the views of those between the ages of 16 and 29 have changed over the last 10 years. WOW! Our kids are growing up in a world that believes so differently from what I was brought up. This weeks chapter was about hypocrisy. The books said that those who are not born again Christians, aren't really worried about hypocrisy in the church. They believe that it is "just the way it is". We have to lie, cheat, sleep around, it's just what we do in our world. 87% of them KNOW a born again Christian, but only 15% believe that they have a lifestyle that is different than their own. WOW! I think the biggest thing that I read this week though, was that born again believers were asked, "What would you say are the two or three most important priorities for Christians to pursue in terms of their faith?"
Lifestyle-doing the right thing, being good, not sinning- was number 1 (we're struggling with this one)

but.....the very LAST THING only 1%! I said, "ONE PERCENT"....felt that

FAMILY FAITH- discipling your children,shaping family faith

was important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now know WHY our generations are SOOOO different. We EXPECT the church to do it all for us. They too, are having their own struggles, yet we expect them to shape the belief system of our children! If parents aren't teaching their children, who is??

Born again Christians age (23-41)

What they believe is morally acceptable:

Cohabitation 59%
sex outside of marriage 44% (!!!!!)
allowing the "f-word" on broadcast television 7%

We're more concerned about the f-word than our own matters of the heart!

Last night, Kent asked all of us if we were discipled by our parents. Not just taken to church, but a meaningful plan for discipleship. All of us said, "No". Yes, some of us had moments of being taught, but no plan.

I want my children to love God and follow Him. I want them to know Truth.
How do we teach them to be different, while loving and reaching a lost world for His Kingdom?

We have to make it a priority. I believe that God has blessed me to be Jared, Maci, and Molly's mom, but it comes with responsiblity. Part of living a Christian life for me, is to teach a love for God and for others. I pray that they will take it on as their own belief.

What are your priorities? What are you doing to disciple your children? Is it important to you?

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yea! Officially, spring is like one week away. I went into my garden today to start seeing what all I'm going to have to do to get ready for the new season. I couldn't believe all the new things that are already coming up. I forgot that I planted the bulbs of tulips and a few other spring flowers that I had been given in pots. The leaves are all coming up! I have buds on my hydrangea and azalea bushes. I can see my hostas starting to come up. There are even flowers on something I planted last year that I can't even remember the name! Sort of puts things back in perspective.

It is so exciting to see what God is doing when I'm not paying attention.

This is true in flower gardens as well as in life. I am thankful that Jesus is on His throne next to the Father! He is alive and I get to work in His garden as He brings life to those around me.

Father, help me to pay more attention to what you are doing around me, so that I can be used by you for the Glory of your Kingdom!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Check our Jared's new blog!

Hey Everyone! Jared is going to Brazil on a mission trip during Spring break! He has created a new blog so that we can all follow him! Please pray for him and leave him comments for encouragement! He is so excited to go back to Brazil. He will be going to Sau Paulo instead of Rio de Janeiro.
(or just scroll down to "blogs I like" and click on "jared's brazil site")