Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Birthday Girl!

Today is Molly's 13th birthday! She has a 103 degree temperature! UGH! I hate it for her. I took her to the Minuteclinic (which I love by the way) on Monday and they said it is some strain of flu that is not A or B (which they have shots for). She can only take over the counter meds. So...we are on the 3rd day of fever. She is sore all over, headache, sore throat, coughing, stomach hurts, can't eat, YUCK! What is the best over the couner medication for this stuff? Alka Seltzer Cough and Cold worked great, but she doesn't like it so she through it up this morning. I bought Tylenol Cough and Cold today, so we'll see how it works. Any ideas? We are supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon to go to Chattanooga for Kent's youth minister's conference. He left today. I'm not sure we will be going.

I am so thankful for my sweet surprise that God blessed us with 13 years ago today. She is so tall and with having an older brother and sister, she has seemed like a teenager for too long now. She really is now! Sad for me, but exciting for her. She is a beautiful young lady and I know God has great plans for her future. Please pray for her today.

I love you Molly Polywog!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Discipling Our Children

Hey for those of you at the Parenting Rewired Conference at Belle Aire, thanks for letting us be a part of your weekend. Here are some of the books that have been a blessing to us. Shawah's personal all time favorite is Discover Your Children's Gifts, by Don and Katie Fortune. Another that I really like is The Five Love Languages for Children(Teenagers). These books have really made me look at the way I raise my children "individually". Each are gifted differently and each feel loved differently! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books! Some of Kent's favorites are The Blessing by Gary Smalley, Raising a Modern Day Knight, and Parent Fuel, by Barry St. Clair. All are good. Don't forget the ultimate authority on parenting comes from the greatest book of all, The Bible. Happy Parenting! Kent and Shawnah


See comment from me on Molly's entry!

She is awesome!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Molly is thw best kid in the world! Here are some things I love about her in random order!

She is the # 1 Nick Jonas fan and always will be!
She has the cutest SHOES!!! I love her new ones she just got they are so cute!!! And she has the Best friends in the world!

Some things I would love to do for her!
Give her her phone now and not wait for her birthday!
Let her skip school for the rest of her life!
Let her sleep in as long as she wants EVERY day!
Let her have EVERY one of her friends over for a sleepover!

Things I KNOW she will do in her life!
Marry Nick jonas of the jonas brothers
Have 4 kids. Maggie then Jake then twins named Mckenna Rae and James.

Molly Polly lalala Jonas oops I mean Shawnah

Saturday, January 19, 2008

to blog or not to blog?

okay, i'm realizing that i am not much of a blogger. i love keeping up with everyone else's blog, but i don't really like typing about my own stuff! i'm definitely a "people person". i want REAL people standing in front of me. people who will talk back. when i say something that comes across different than the real feelings behind it, i want to say, "here's what i REALLY am saying." sometimes blogging comes across rigid, and self promoting. i DO want you to know how amazing and incredible my husband and children are. THEY ARE!! but, i want to hear about your family also! i want to know what you are going through. i want to say, "yea, this is tough, but we can get through it together." I guess i'm a fixer. i want to listen, and then figure out some ways that we have seen God work in similar ways in other people's lives. I think we need each other. i worry that, although the computer has definitely brought us closer to those far away, it has also brought us further away from those close by. Does that make sense? we spend more time typing on the computer, than calling a friend. we are the church. God wants us to encourage one another. together we can go and reach the world for the kingdom, but we have to love each other first. we have to remember that God doesn't NEED us. we GET to go with HIM in what HE is doing. right now, i need to follow. i need to love those around me. i need to TALK to real people!! WOW! so much rambling just to say,"Forgive me if i don't blog often enough." i love to read your comments, that is sort of like talking...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Flu?

First of all, I had to put in a new picture. The ones taken after I had my eyes done, could not continue being the first thing you see!

Second, I think Kent has the flu. He's had a cold type thing along with fever and weakness and soreness since last Friday night. I thought it was a sinus infection because of his headache, but now I'm not sure. I started him on amoxicillin last Saturday (Dr. Shawnah here had them from her dentist). He is still running fever and tired all the time. He lays on the couch or in bed all day. Should he go to the doctor? Wouldn't the doctor just say he needs antibiotics or to go home and rest and wait it out?? Let me know what you think...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Right after I got home from having my eyliner tattooed
Starting to bleed and bruise a little
I'd had 1/2 zanex, 2 hydrocodone, and had just taken
2 Benadryl plus the injections in my eyes for the pain
not hurting so bad by now.....hehe

next day, there was more swelling and bruising, but better