Sunday, September 23, 2007

LaVergne Homecoming

We went to LaVergne's homecoming on Friday night. Sang (my sorta adopted daughter) was on the homecoming court. She looked beautiful. I was so proud of her. I will put a picture of her on here as soon as I find the camera cord.
You know, I was never on homecoming court. Almost all of my friends were at one point or another. I still have issues about this. Our court was always voted on by the football players. At my last reunion, I whined and complained about this to them. I was nominated for "least changed" after 20 years. I guess that's the next best thing. The only thing that gets me through, is knowing that I am a child of the King, and one day I will have a crown. But, if any of you have old crowns you'd like to get rid of, I will wear it proudly.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Okay, someone needs to tell me how to find out the blog addresses of people who comment me. Is it possible to reply to comments? I'm a conversation girl. I need dialogue! Thanks. OH, and I'm also trying to get a picture of my mixer to post! I made cookies for Bible study last night!! YEA!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kitchen Aid Mixer!

I've told everyone I can think of, and finally remembered I could tell my blogging friends! I got a Kitchen Aid mixer! Here's the exciting part though...I got it for $100! Here's the story. Every year during the holidays, I want a Kitchen Aid mixer. I REALLY want one. I only bake during this time. Well, I make pies for special occasions, but not often. I want one, but won't pay that much. I think it's ridiculous to pay that much for one time of the year! (They are $299, for those of you who have a life, and haven't been coveting them). Kent always "thinks" about buying me one for Christmas, but I tell him that by then, it's crazy because I wouldn't use it for another year. Well, I was at Dillard's last week, admiring the display of all the various colors of mixers! (doesn't everyone do this?) The lady that worked there, came up and said, "I know, I just got one." I, in awe of her, said, "What color did you get?" She then told me how she found on their data base, about a Dillard's in South Carolina that had 3 GREEN APPLE (lime green) mixers on sale for $135, because the color was being discontinued! She ordered one and I asked if I could order one. We called the store and they still had one! They shipped it to me!! And...they had a $30 rebate on all new mixers!!! YEA! I now have a lime green mixer! I made a chocolate pie the other day. My meringue was the best ever and I didn't have to hold the mixer for 10 minutes!
Okay, yes I'm a housewife! 15 years ago I would have been embarrassed that I got so excited over something so silly! I wouldn't have wanted anyone to know that I was JUST a housewife!!
I made sure I explained to EVERYONE, that I graduated from college and had owned my own business. Now that my children are 16, 14, and 12, and I see what godly choices they are making in their lives, I am so proud to be a housewife and full time mom! I am so excited that I can make pies and cookies for them if they want. I am so excited that we have sat down at the dinner table and had dinner as a family all these years. There were many times that I felt like my life was simple. ALL my friends were working important jobs and doing exciting things and MAKING MONEY! Now I see that my job was important and IS important. It's exciting(!) and though we don't have a lot of money, I HAVE A KITCHEN AID MIXER!!!